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We have a selection of Ambulances, 4X4 Ambulances, Quad bike and Cycles for getting to them awkward places, to provide on site services.

Vehicles are all insured fully comprehensive and carry equipment to deal with most situations.

We provide Medical, Health & Safety and Security services all around the UK to Commercial and Industrial companies, TV & Film industry and events such as: Athletics, Speedway, Motocross, Boxing, Kickboxing, Ice Hockey, Water Sports, Rugby, Football, Museums, Concerts, Cycling and Public Gatherings.


First Aiders all possess an HSE level First Aid Certificate as a minimum, and most have advanced skills in Oxygen and Entonox administration, Spinal Immobilisation and Crash Helmet removal.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) all have resuscitation skills and trained to give a wider range of treatments, some are advanced or remote skills trained allowing wound closure and management of seriously ill or injured patients.

Paramedics hold State Registration, they possess advanced skills in managing patients who are seriously ill or injured.

Nurses (NMC Registered) hold skills that sometimes removes the need for a hospital visit by carrying out minor injury management on-site.

Doctors (GMC Registered) have a range of skills effectively bringing the hospital treatment to the patient.

Security staff are all licenced by the SIA (Security Industry Authority)


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